Sebastion, A broad but not deeply trained Koldun traveling as a musician.


Foible: Curiosity, Impulsive Motivation: Good [+2] The Good Life Nationality: Good [+2] Royalist Past/Swashbuckling Forte: Good [+2] Arch Koldun Other Fortes: Good [+2] Bard

Techniques: Koldun: Archkoldun

Temporary Forte: Good [+2] Reputation: Lightning Bard


Raised in a back out of the way vilage of the Broken Spire. Sebastion was sequestered at a young age in the home of a Koldun master named Hauz Nori (a Barathi) who saw great potential in the boy. While the master wasn’t harsh and treated him fairly well Sebastion always longed for the soft bed, good food and fun everyone else always seemed to have. His master didn’t like frivolities. Enough plain food to keep the body together and holidays were just distractions to the mind when one could be studying the arts of the Koldun.

Always liking music and encouraged by a bard who frequented the village, he learned to play and sing quite well. He thought he kept it secret from his master and hid his instument and music. Really his master knew all boys rebel and thought this was quite harmless as rebellion went and didn’t detract from his studies and work.

When he came of age Sebastion finally was granted the freedom to see the world. His couriosity and impulsiveness served him in good stead study and trying out new things. Seems to be a bit of a problem now that he’s out in the world. He uses his bard skills for food/lodging and travel as well as picking up coins here and there. While he has no great wealth (yet) he has collected a pretty good wardrobe with his trusty leather boots and stylish hats.


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