Ohdelhim Dark Eye

A fallen priest with an unnerving stare


Foible: Redemption Motivation: Good [+2] Vengeance vs. Barathi House responsible for village massacre. Nationality: Good [+2] Viridese (Fektun Freehold) Past: Good [+2] Priest Swashbuckling Forte: Good [+2] Stare of Oblivian Other Fortes: Good [+2] Repartee, Good [+2] Fencing, Good [+2] Item: Staff of torment (Religious/magical artifact)

Techniques: Priest: Carpentry. Stare: Eyes of the Soul, Eyes of no Fear, Stare down. Fencing: with staff.


A priest from Virdia, Ohdelhim took his position very seriously, and his people looked up to him and trusted him to guide them wisely. His clan discovered a new wood on a small island which appeared to be a strange cross between Tym and Bluewood. Ohdelhim was sent with a warmaster to oversee their logging operation. The wood got the attention of someone though, because when they had clearcut the place and laid up their hold for shipping a group of Barathi came to attack them.

Ohdelhim believed he had convinced the Barathi to negotiate rather than attack. He read the situation wrong though. When their guard was down, The Barathi ruthlessly killed everyone in the operation, with the exception of Ohdelhim, whom they humiliated for his foolishness. They hung him on his staff and left him die amid the smoldering ruin of the camp.

Ohdelhim Dark Eye

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